Interview with Bradley V. Hartloge, Atlanta supporter of Terminus Legion group

We interviewed Bradley V. Hartloge, member service director of Terminus Legion, one of the four groups of fans (the others are: Footie Mob, Resurgence and The Faction) recognized by the management of Atlanta United, one of those that animates the choreography of Mercedes – Benz Stadium, and in just two years they have made it the playground with the most MLS supporters.


How was “Terminus Legions” born?

Terminus Legion was born from a small group of people who loved soccer and wanted to start a group that supported all of Atlanta soccer. The two main focuses were The Atlanta Silverbacks and the Georgia United Soccer Club. TL started in 2014 and got together watching the silverbacks st Silverback Park. Not too long after it was formed, there was word of getting an MLS club in the coming years.

What are your peculiarities? What differentiates you from other supporter’s groups?

The most important thing we are know for is our work in the community. We are an official non profit org. Now, we do one community out reach program a month, from habitat for humanity to Trees Atlanta. I think what also makes us different for sure is our tailgates. Our pre game festivities are known for their good times. We have a vast variety of sponsors that come. Whether its Second Self Beer serving our amazing collaboration beer “viKings of the South”, among their other great beers. Or Sparkle Donkey Tequila, or Game Fury which is a giant trailer that comes with air condition and TVs set up inside with different game consoles. Or La Preferida serving free chips and salsa, or Old Fourth Ward and their famous basil lemonades. And one of my personal faves is Lloyd’s soccer selling the latest ATL UTD gear. There is so much to do at our tailgates for all ages.

In which sector of the stadium are you positioned?

We are in 102 of the Supporters section. Right behind the goal.

How many people are members of your group? What is the average age? 

We had just under 1,000 this season. The average age is 20s and 30s. But we have plenty of older people that come also. And of course a lot of people bring their kids. It’s fun for all ages.

How are the relationship structured between Atlanta United Front Office and the fan groups?

The relationship with the front office is great. They help us with tifos theu donate stuff for our drawings at our watch parties. They are transparent and they treat us like family.

What do you think of the other groups of supporters in Atlanta? What relationships do you have with them?

Terminus Legion has a wonderful relationship with Footie Mob. We work with them from time to time. They are very good to us. They are next to us in the supporters section. The Faction kind of does their own thing, they are all about doing the whole family thing. They try to keep seperate over there and maintain a family friend environment the entire time. While TL OS also family friendly, Faction is known for inclusion in all parts with the kids. We have done mix tailgates with them on weekday games. Lastly we have Resurgence. Resurgence are the rebels who want to do their own thing and not listen to anyone. They are family because we support the same team, but they are going to do whatever they want to do.

What are the fans with whom you are rivals? 

Orlando City.

Do you admire Portland supporters? 

I admire Portland supporters so much. They have been doing this a long time. They have a great fan base, they travel really well. Their scarf game is on another level. Their tifo game is also on another level. I’m complimenting them, but come Saturday…. it’s on. They are the other team trying to come after the same thing we want. That MLS cup.

What are your links with the past of soccer in Atlanta (or example: Atlanta Chiefs in Nasl)?

We have more of a link with the Atlanta Silverbacks than the  Chiefs. The Chiefs were before our time. They were the first team tho, and we respect that.



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