A tweet for a dream. Summer trophy among Sporting KC, IFK Goteborg, FC Sion and “LA” Bari

A summer trophy among Sporting Kansas City, Goteborg, Sion and Bari. The idea comes out the publication of the usual ranking about the development of soccer teams drawn up by FiveThirtyEight.

Sporting Kansas City is in the 335th position in the ranking, immediately after the historical Swedish team IFK Goteborg. The Kansas City Cauldron, supporters of the SKC, tweet a post with the ranking photo proclaiming the birth of the rivalry with Swedish supporters.

It is the beginning of the year when, intrigued by the ranking, I look carefully at the screenshot and I notice that immediately after Goteborg and SKC there are FC Sion and FC Bari. I think a tournament among these teams will be held in summer. I tweet again the post about the rivalry with Goteborg and I relaunch with the hypothesis of the quadrangular and I get more than three thousand views in 24 hours.

Four teams different for origins, trophy and history. This tournament could be defined the “glocal” response to the spendthrift economy of soccer, a tournament in line with the economic philosophy of Major League Soccer rated at economically fair competition among the franchises. The tournament could be called “Shores Cup” like the shores of the Missouri River that divide and unite Kansas and Missouri and the two towns called Kansas City. The period, could be the second half of July, when the SKC will have two weeks of rest. Tournament in two days: semi-finals, final and third-quarter place final; alternatively, a round -robin tournament with 45 minutes matches. The four teams could donate part of the proceeds of the event to the beneficial activities of Children’s Mercy. But let’s see in detail why for the teams could be convenient to take part in this tournament.


The SKC won two titles, a Supporter’s Shield and four U. S. Open Cup. Sporting Kansas City is a franchise economically strong and well-established in local soccer. In the latest financial classification of Soccerex it is the 54th team in the world. Main sponsor of franchise is Ivy Investments, part of Waddell & Reed, publicy traded in New York Stock Exchange. The stadium is a state –of- the- art facility. Sporting Kansas City can represent two cities and two States, Missouri and Kansas, that have an agricultural and mining economy. They produced a gross domestic product more than 430 billion dollars (2015  – Bureau of Economic Analysis and International Monetary Fund). So, the tournament could be important for the tourism and the economy of both these States.


The Swedish team is the most award winning of the hypothetical contenders. Eighteen Swedish championships, seven Swedish Cups, one Super Cup and two UEFA cups won in the 80’s. The team concluded the championship last November with a disappointing eighth place not qualifying for European Cups for the second year running. The main sponsor is Prioritet Finans, a company active in the financial sector. IFK represents Scandinavian soccer that has many relationships with the US and Canadian soccer.
In the US there are over four million citizens of Swedish origins and in Kansas there is Lindsborg, where every two years it is held a festival dedicated to the culture of the Scandinavian country.


Swiss team that represents the capital of the canton of Valais, the sunniest city in Switzerland. FC Sion has won two Swiss championships and thirteen national Cups. The main sponsor is Capital Markets Consulting a company that deals with investment advisory.  25000 Americans of Swiss origin live in Missouri, in Kansas there is a small village called Bern, as the Swiss capital.


Fc Bari played thirty championships in Italian Serie A and currently it is in Serie B. It has many supporters and a strong shareholding structure. President Cosmo Antonio Giancaspro wants to renew San Nicola Stadium, made by Renzo Piano. The main sponsor is the very famous Birra Peroni, in the city with its own plant. The brand,  owned by SABMiller and recentely belonging to Asahi Europe has become the main export beer in Anglo-Saxon markets, especially in The United Kingdom and it is very appreciated in The United States. Regione Puglia is a very popular destination for American tourists. In Kansas and Missouri there are more than 670000 Italian American.

(English translation by Silvia Della Rossa)




Cristiano M. G. Faranna
Giornalista siculonapoletano. Appassionato di MLS, della città di New York e della crescita del calcio in Canada. Info&contatti: cmgfaranna@gmail.com

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