USL League Two: Fc Manitoba speaks italian with Michele Paolucci

Italy advances in the development of soccer in Canada. In fact, the new adventure of FC Manitoba, Canadian team, precisely from Winnipeg, capital of the Province from which the team takes its name, in USL League 2, the American and Canadian football championship at the fourth level of  North American football pyramid, has begun a few weeks ago. An adventure with an Italian vocation thanks to the owners, the Garcea family and to Michele Paolucci, the italian former Juventus and Catania striker who, after spending the debut season of  Canadian Premier League at Valour FC, team of the same Winnipeg, has chosen this new adventure that sees him in the double role of footballer and member of front office.


Now my role is mainly on the field, where I give my best as I have always done in my career trying to help young kids in the evolution towards professionalism, because in North America there is a different culture: you have to be ready even when you cross the borders of their own nations “, these are the words of Paolucci to MlsSoccerItalia, who emphasized how important it is for an italian to invest in a new football universe: “For me it is also a privilege to be an Italian who represents the country outside their borders, even in a country as far away as Canada. Everyone watches our soccer, respects it. I have been appreciated here since I arrived not only for my skills as footballers, but for the professionalism I have brought . One thing that struck me and moved me when I left Valour was the avalanche of messages I received not only from the players but from many parents who indicated me a bit of an inspiration for the young boys of Winnipeg and Manitoba. It filled me with pride and represented an extra challenge to have this kind of experience, to want to make available to this community all that I have and that I have learned in these years of soccer“.

John Garcea, owner of FC Manitoba, instead took stock of how profitable it is to make a long-term investment in the development of soccer in North America. “Soccer represents a great opportunity currently in Canada, the new professional league has created a good atmosphere in our city. With the World Cup at the door (2026, ed), it is a big step for our club to grow in this city and growing up with Canadian football “.

Enrique Garcea carries out the duties of general manager. “My goal – he told us – is to lead Winnipeg and canadian players, who do not have many possibilities in this sense, to experience a professional environment. We want to show our athletes what it means to be professionals on and off the pitch. . In the roster formation we will target local players very much to give them the opportunity to play at the highest levels, but we will also consider athletes from other parts of Canada. We will test college level players and those from the universe youth”. And, as regards the italian origins deeply felt in the club, just look at the club colors, here’s what the GM thinks. “I believe we have to bring in experienced European players. We need the players to influence and directly teach what they can do to our young Canadians. By bringing the right amount of players from overseas we will be favored in creating the professional environment we have been developing ever since. immediately“.


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