The furthest away game in the world. Interview with Peter Schaale of HFX Wanderers FC

Canadian Premier League will begin next weekend. The first day of the championship has interesting challenges planned. Among these the one between Pacific FC and HFX Wanderers FC, it is currently the furthest away game in the world, among the first divisions of the national championships. The city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Ocean, is in fact 5288 kilometers from Greater Victoria, British Columbia. A challenge that will put a strain on the Wanderers players. We have interviewed Peter Schaale, German footballer of the Wanderers. He has played on the Cape Breton University team, and has already made this long journey.


What does carrying out a trip of over five thousand kilometers mean?

I’ve done this road trip before actually, with my University a couple of times we went over there to play nationals. It is quite a long trip so you just try to get a lot of rest and prepare yourself in training and as soon as we get there I have a little stretch, a little walk and get our legs going again. We will have another training session there and then go for it.

What are the physical and psychological efforts that the players incur during these long journeys?

I don’t think there are any of those effects every time. We went there it was pretty good and I don’t think there is….you can put one in your mind but if you just deal with it and go with it, I don’t think there is a psychological disadvantage or anything.

Is there a specific preparation for these matches played so far?

Nutrition is a big thing, a big part of it staying hydrated, doing the right things and not letting it, bother you too much, not even thinking about it that this is a lot of travel. Just get on with it and keep going.

Distances will be a typical feature of Canadian Premier League. What do athletes think about it?

It’s part of the game. Right we happen to be in this league and we have long journeys especially from Halifax over to Victoria; you just have to deal with it.
From this point of view, did the retreat in the Dominican Republic benefit you?
I think being together as a team helped, the mood is really good we just got back from training camp and everyone is excited to travel to Victoria for the first game and I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve been working on some stuff with the team and our shape and the way we want to play and the way we want to defend and I think things went very well out there and obviously the team was bonding pretty good it was ten nice days and we’re all enjoying it.
The first league match is a challenge between the two teams representing Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. It will be a sort of  derby of the seas. How do you live the eve of this event?
I think it will be. I saw it online, the chat online “the Maritime derby” kind of thing, so because there is no local derby for us in the province or surrounding provinces I think that might be the derby for us yes. I think we’re in a very good spot right now with the team, working on some final things I think next week will be very important leading up to the game but I think we’re in a pretty good spot right now and I feel confident.

We want to thank Gareth Hampshire of the HFX Wanderers FC staff for all the support he gave us.

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