Exclusive interview with Gianluca Busio (Sporting KC)

We had the honour to record an exclusive interview with Gianluca Busio, raising US soccer star and Sporting Kansas City’s forward in MLS. One goal and one assist in seven MLS regular season appearances and he’s just 16! In his veins runs italian blood. He talked with us about his first professional season, his long-term goals, italian football, Pirlo and his family. Thanks to SKC press office.


On his first professional season:
“I think it’s gone pretty well so far, I’ve learned a lot playing with the older guys and playing professionally. It’s been a great learning year for me, obviously it’s been going well so far but it’s also been tough sometimes, but that’s the way of the road really, and that’s the way it’s going to be as a professional soccer player. It’s going to be tough sometimes but it’s how you work through it and I feel like it’s been a great year for me to keep moving forward in my career.”

On his strengths and weaknesses:
“Definitely my strengths are playing with the ball and picking out certain passes and breaking a defense down. I’d probably say my weaknesses, I think I’m not the strongest or quickest guy, I’m not the most physical, but I can work on that as the years come.”

On what gave him the passion to want to become a soccer player:
“(My Italian heritage) played a really big part because in Italy, soccer is the main sport. Everybody watches every single game. Growing up, with my dad being Italian, all he watched was soccer and watched the pros, so it kind of made me want to be like that so my dad can watch me be on a professional team. I always thought it was cool on Sunday mornings watching Serie A, so it’s always been a dream of mine – with my brother having the same goals also – to try to be a professional soccer player.”

On if it’s better for development to be on the bench for MLS games or starting in USL games:
“I definitely think it’s a mix of both. Getting on the roster for the MLS team and just being in a professional environment on a gameday and seeing what they do is definitely good, but there’s also a point where you need to get games, because that’s the best way to progress. Being on the roster is a really good thing and it’s good for you, but needing to get games with the USL team, it’s really big for you to develop.”

On working with Manager Peter Vermes:
“I think it’s been good so far, he’s a great coach, he’s worked with all of us even if it’s tough on us, he’s working very well with us and I think it’s shown that he’s invested in the youth. I think he’s been a great coach all of the young guys. He shows he has trust in us and of course we’re going to trust him, he’s our first professional coach and a pretty good coach to have.”

On his long-term goals, looking ahead to the 2026 World Cup:
“Definitely playing in the World Cup is everyone’s dream, representing your country in the big stage, playing against other big stars, it’s definitely a goal of mine.”

On his relationship with Italy as a country:
“My dad grew up in Italy, he was born in Brescia and he lived there for 18 years until he moved to the United States. Every summer me and my family would go to Italy and spend maybe a month there with the family and that’s how we stay in touch with Italy – going there every summer. I speak a little Italian – not fluent – but I can understand, I probably couldn’t say anything back to you, but I can understand it pretty well.

On if he follows Serie A and if he looks up to any Italian players:
“I definitely follow Serie A, my dad is a very big Inter supporter, so every time they’re on I’ll watch it. It’s obviously cool to watch when I’ve been to a game before, so it’s cool to follow it knowing you have ties to it, knowing your family is from there. (My dad) grew up watching it and I grew up watching it, so I still have ties to it. One player that I really liked growing up was Pirlo, I know he doesn’t play anymore but I just loved how he kind of created his own position. He’s a really calm and smooth player and I think I try to be as calm as possible and smooth, even though it may not work out sometimes, I try my best to be like him.”

On other young players in the U.S. that he rates highly:
“I would definitely say George Bello at Atlanta, he’s on the 2002 National Team, Gio Reyna, Efra Alvarez – I used to play with him on the National Team. There’s a lot, Jaylin Lindsey, I’ve played with all of them and I’m learning from them also and they’re my age so that’s pretty cool and they all have bright futures being so young and doing big things already.”

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