“This is how we live for FC Dallas in Texas”

FC Dallas is dominating MLS Western Conference and recently it reached US Open Cup final defeating LA Galaxy in Carson, CA. We met Anthony from Texas, leader of group of fans called “El Matador“, talking about FC Dallas and MLS.

tifosdallasHi Anthony, How’s the FCD passion in Dallas?
Since FC Dallas is one of the original clubs in MLS, there is a lot of passion in Dallas but whereas we won only 1 trophy in 21 years, have made it tough for a lot of the fans in the city to keep filling thestadium on a weekly basis. The last 3 years have been a big change in the philosophy in players and style of play which have helped and we have seen more love for the team!

When did you start to support FCD?
I from Tegucigalpa, the Honduras’ capital, and only later I moved to the USA. When I used to live in Honduras, on the TV pass 1 game from MLS. They would often pick FC Dallas because there were many central American players. I have been watching them for many years. Once I moved to Dallas I immediately became a member of the club and go to all the games.

Have you been to Toyota Park?
Since I Became a member of the club I always go to the stadium. I haven’t lost one match, at the stadium, in 3 years and half. I’m, also, a leader of a little group of fans called “El Matador” and we are Hispanic origin boys, as me. We are about 80, but usually, at the stadium, we are 50, the stadium is not very far from the city but there are a little of public transport. With my group, I organize the trips. One time I left my brother’s marriage for take flight to Boston to see the match against the Revs. The trips are more funny because I love travel, in this moment I’m booking some tickets for NY to see the match against NYC at the Yankee Stadium.

What’s was the best moment with FCD?
The best moment has been lamatadorst year in the playoffs versus Seattle. The game was so memorable and advancing versus one of the biggest clubs and big rival.

What are your favorite players in MLS? And FCD?
My favorite players in MLS are Laurent Ciman and Sebastian Giovinco, they are top players . Of FC Dallas, my favorite player is Michael Barrios. I love his speed, trickery, and work rate.

FCD is the youngest and with the lower mountain engagements club in MLS, you don’t have top player but about 1 year and half you are on the top of the table. In your opinion, what is the your secret?
The secret to our success is team chemistry. We do not have big name or big money players. All of our players compliment each other very well and have similar style of football.

Last question, Anthony, it’s a bit “bad” question. How did the fans reacted for Castillo’s transfer?
The Castillo transfer, we will not discuss. He is dead to me! We want players who want to be in Dallas, not just for a bigger paycheck.


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